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Short Synopsis
Heloise Hull presents Book 2 in the Forty is Fabulous series.

Full Synopsis
It took Ava forty years to discover her identity. It took the Council ten minutes to decide she was a threat.

I've survived my forties long enough to discover I'm cursed. Figuring out how to break the curse is a whole other problem.

My arrival in Aradia set off a series of unexplainable events—the veil breaking down, ghosts arriving by the shipload, and Aurick becoming . . . beautiful? Now, the dying god has finally started dying, and everyone fears his re-birth.

Fortunately, I have my new found powers and my Siren Squad to help me. Only, I have no idea how to actually use my powers, and the Council arrested me on sight.

At least I don't have time to think about my ex or to wallow in my misery. In fact, getting divorced at the age of forty doesn't seem so hard anymore.

There's nothing like an angry archon hell-bent on global destruction to give me a little perspective.

Making Midlife Madness

Author Heloise Hull

Narrated by Kitty Hendrix

Publication date Jul 20, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 11 min

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