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Short Synopsis
Heloise Hull presents Book 3 in the Forty is Fabulous series.

Full Synopsis
To prevent the next great war between the gods and supernaturals, I had one job. Keep my sons far, far away from Aradia.

Then why are they sitting next to me, enjoying their own Italian getaway?

Back home, they're Josh and Jacob, two average college freshmen with a propensity for pranks. In my world, they are the She-Wolf's twins, feared and fated to rise—or fell—great empires.

Nonna swears it's fine. They're safest by my side here on Aradia. That's why she invited them to celebrate their eighteenth birthday with their mother.

But it doesn't feel fine. Suddenly, my stalker god has found his voice, whispering in the shadows and speaking in dreams.

Fortunately, I've finally begun to master my powers, and for the first time, I feel strong enough to protect my sons—from the Council, from evil mages, and even from the gods themselves.

I only hope I'm not mistaken.

Making Midlife Mistakes

Author Heloise Hull

Narrated by Kitty Hendrix

Publication date Aug 31, 2021

Running time 8 hrs

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