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Short Synopsis
Levi Werner presents Book 3 in the World of Magic series.

Full Synopsis
Whoever told Lox magic was safe, was lying.

The time spent clearing the city of Westia was beneficial for all the immortals, making them stronger. But Lox is restless. Not wanting to settle down in the city they were building for the immortals, he leaves the city behind in search of new magic and wanders out in the Shattered Continent.

Lox soon finds himself in the magical city of Mardis Dane. Floating in the clouds, the city is everything Lox hoped it would be, full of magic and mysteries.

But all is not well, and soon unknown forces will ravage this wondrous city . . .

Mardis Dane

A LitRPG/GameLit Series

Author Levi Werner

Narrated by Gary Tiedemann

Publication date Apr 12, 2022

Running time 14 hrs

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