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Short Synopsis
Mel Odom presents the first installment of his Makaum War series.

Full Synopsis
They call it The Green Hell. A maze of tangled jungle, the planet Makaum is one of the most dangerous places in the universe. And for Terran Military Master Sergeant Frank Sage, it is now home.

The war between the Terrans and the Phrenorians rages, and both sides have their sights set on Makaum. If the planet's rich resources fall into enemy hands it could mean devastation for the Terran Army. To ensure that doesn't happen, Sage is sent to assess the Makaum troops and bring them in line with Terran Military standards. But soon after arriving at his post, he realizes that the Phrenorians are not the only threat. Heading up a small but fearless unit, Sage must stop a brewing civil war with the power to unleash a galactic cataclysm unlike anything ever seen.

"The military action is brutal and vivid, the situation is tense and believable…" ---Publishers Weekly

"[T]he author delivers thrilling action with a well-rendered alien world and a creepy alien enemy to fight.' ---Library Journal

Master Sergeant

Author Mel Odom

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Publication date Feb 16, 2016

Running time 12 hrs

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