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Short Synopsis
Jinty James presents Book 2 in the Norwegian Forest Cat Cafe Cozy Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
A gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, a cat café, a food critic, and . . . murder!

The small town of Gold Leaf Valley is aflutter with a food critic's arrival. His online column has made him famous in this part of Northern California, but not everyone is pleased he's in town.

When café owners Lauren Crenshaw and Annie, her silver-gray tabby, stumble across his body, what should they do? Investigate the crime themselves? Or . . . leave it to the police?

Is Lauren under suspicion for delivering pastries to the dead man's motel room? Or did his intern bump him off in order to gain a promotion?

Lauren's cousin Zoe is keen to help investigate the crime. But are there too many red herrings in this case to uncover the truth? Zoe is also busy turning knitting club into knitting/crochet club and teasing Lauren about her budding romance with attractive Detective Mitch Denman.

Can the trio uncover the truth about the food critic's death—before the killer strikes again?

Meow Means Murder

Author Jinty James

Narrated by Devon Sorvari

Publication date Mar 17, 2020

Running time 4 hrs

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