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Short Synopsis
Amy Bearce presents the second book in her World of Aluvia series.

Full Synopsis
Fourteen-year-old Phoebe Quinn is surrounded by magic, but she can't muster any of her own. Her sister is a fairy keeper. Her best friends are merfolk. And all she does is dishes and housework.

When Phoebe finds out a terrible sea creature is awakening that preys upon the peace-loving merfolk, she becomes determined to help them, even though it means going with Tristan and Mina to their home deep in the sea.

Beneath the waves, Phoebe learns she's more like her sister than she realized. The merfolk are drawn to her, and she can sense the magic of the sea all around her. Magic is finally at her fingertips, but that’s precisely why the stirring dark power under the waters decides it wants her most of all.

Now she must not only help the peaceful merfolk escape this ancient enemy, she must master her out-of-control powers. If she fails, she will die and darkness will rise and enslave the merfolk once more. But embracing her full power could cost her the very people she loves the most.

"Magic, adventure, romance, and a wonderfully creepy villain--The Little Mermaid wishes it was this book!" ---Heidi Schulz, New York Times bestselling author

"Bearce creates a vivid, colorful underwater world filled with the beautiful and terrifying in equal measure. You won't be able to look away." ---Sharon Bayliss, bestselling author of The December People Series


Author Amy Bearce

Narrated by Rebecca Gibel

Publication date Nov 1, 2016

Running time 9 hrs

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