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Short Synopsis
M. N. Forgy presents the second book in the Sin City Outlaws series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I'm an outlaw. I don't fall in love and I sure as fuck don't run . . .

All that changed, though, when I met Jillian McAdams.

I fell for a law abiding sheriff, breaking my vows to my own club, and turning her against her family of blue.An outlaw and a sheriff, it can only end in one way—mayhem.

Now we both have to pay the ultimate price for betraying our families.

I swore to kill my brother, his allegiance sworn to another club, if I ever saw him again. Yet here I am running to him in hopes to save Jillian's life . . .

We both will have to rewrite the rules we know to stay alive. Even if it means we lose everything we had in doing so.

Contains mature themes.


Author M. N. Forgy

Narrated by Philip Alces, Alexandra Shawnee

Publication date May 17, 2016

Running time 7 hrs

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