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Short Synopsis
Michael Anderle presents Book 6 in the Chooser of the Slain series.

Full Synopsis
Valerie Kearie stopped Ezio Frost in Chicago, but she failed to cut the head off the snake. Unfortunately, they also lost the trail.

Valerie wanted the bad guys to make it easy on her, but Ezio is no fool.

Viking, Inc. is pushing Jacob to make a decision.

Will he be out of Valerie's life forever as her partner, or will Valerie make him an offer he won't want to refuse?

Los Angeles is a cesspit of Ambrosia and greed, and Ezio Frost's traces are everywhere. Why is he so hard to find? What is he doing, and does he still hold a fixation for Valerie that borders on psychotic?

Can Valerie pull together her partners and keep them safe? Can she keep herself safe from someone like Ezio if he is willing to sacrifice his life to be with the Valkyrie of his dreams?

When the Chooser of the Slain is on the job, everyone needs to look out for danger.

Metal Graves

Author Michael Anderle

Narrated by Megan Tusing

Publication date Nov 28, 2023

Running time 7 hrs 29 min

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