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Short Synopsis
Leona Knight presents Book 2 in the Seventh Path series.

Full Synopsis
Can't have a midlife crisis if your entire life is a crisis.

After that bombshell of discovering the identity of the evil entity roaming the halls of my estate. Burning down the house to root it out was looking like a good idea.

If only it was that simple. Knowing who it is and finding it within the labyrinth halls of this estate is proving to be a challenge.

And now the house itself is sick?

Can a house even get sick?

Looks like I've got some ghostbusting to do.

Midlife & Exorcising Spirits

A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel

Author Leona Knight

Narrated by Kitty Hendrix

Publication date Mar 22, 2022

Running time 5 hrs 10 min

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