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Short Synopsis
McKenzie Hunter presents Book 7 in the Sky Brooks series.

Full Synopsis
Being part of the Midwest Pack isn't easy—especially now.

My life has never been simple—and it only keeps getting more complicated. The Alphas, Ethan, and several key players in the otherworld go missing, thrusting me into the position of Elite Alpha and tasking me with finding them. The list of suspects grows as I realize that mating with Ethan has caused allies to become enemies. Will I locate the missing in time or will I be the last Alpha standing?

I don't know who I can trust. Too many people want me dead, including a new group of witches who want to rid the world of were-animals, especially those who can wield magic like me and Ethan.

Adding to the problems is a new group of vampires, who would do anything necessary to gain control of the Northern Seethe and the power it holds over the Midwest, including hurting the people I love. There's no way I'm going to let that happen. But will my life be the cost for their protection?

Midnight Sky

Author McKenzie Hunter

Narrated by Jorjeana Marie

Publication date Aug 20, 2019

Running time 16 hrs

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