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Short Synopsis
In the second highly anticipated erotic suspense novel in the Trinity trilogy, Audrey Carlan takes listeners deep into the heart and psyche of Gillian and her stalker. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I'm a magnet for evil and controlling men. Chase, my big business tycoon and love of my life, thinks he can protect me, but he can't. No one can.

It became clear far too late how serious my stalker was, that his threats weren't idle. He proved more than once that he would do what it takes, that there were no stakes too high for his sick and twisted games and delusions of worship.

We should have been better prepared. The roses, images, lingerie soaked in his seed, even his calling card written in blood didn't penetrate. I had faith that my love could make it go away, that eventually he'd be caught. I was wrong.

Contains mature themes.


Author Audrey Carlan

Narrated by Charles Constant, Callie Dalton

Publication date Mar 29, 2016

Running time 9 hrs 7 min

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