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Short Synopsis
Fiona Quinn presents Book 2 in the Lynx Series: An Iniquus Romantic Suspense Mystery Thriller.

Full Synopsis
Iniquus is an elite, top secret group run by some of America's most formidable retired special forces operators. Their jobs include intelligence gathering, hostage recovery, and taking on black-ops assignments when the US government needs plausible deniability.

One of their newest intelligence hires is Lexi Sobado, code named Lynx. While Lynx tries to make a name for herself as a the only female operative on the team, a new neighbor moves into her neighborhood—their pasts are dangerously linked together.

Lynx becomes a pawn in a deadly international game, is kidnapped, and flown out of the country.

Striker Rheas, a former Navy SEAL is not just her commander, but the man Lynx secretly loves. His feelings for Lynx are complicated; he both respects her abilities and wants to keep her safely tucked out of harm's way. Now it looks like it might be too late to protect her.

Driven by their iron clad determination and fierce loyalty, Lynx's team, led by Striker, is tasked with finding Lynx. While they are used to saving strangers, this time they are trying to save one of their own.

Missing Lynx

Author Fiona Quinn

Narrated by Jesse Vilinsky

Publication date Jan 30, 2019

Running time 11 hrs 28 min

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