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Short Synopsis
S. A. Archer presents Book 5 in the Monster Trainer Academy series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
It's time for Tyler to face his greatest challenge!

The fate of the Monster Trainer world is in the balance. The evil Arkan's master plan to control the Behemoths and the world itself rushes forward, and unless Tyler and his team of monsters can level up fast enough, they'll have no chance to stop him!

But leveling up is only part of the challenge. Wondrous new regions, dangerous new monsters, and Arkan's legions await to end Tyler's quest before it can begin.

Can Tyler truly prove that he's the best Monster Trainer ever and save his new home? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to Monster Trainer Academy!

Contains mature themes.

Monster Trainer Academy V

Author S.A. Archer

Narrated by Alex Knox

Publication date May 30, 2023

Running time 9 hrs

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