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Short Synopsis
J. H. Reynolds presents Book 1 in the Monsterstreet series.

Full Synopsis
The Monsterstreet series kicks off with this chilling tale about a boy who discovers his father was killed by a legendary werewolf.

Max Bloodnight can't decide what's more terrifying about his weekend in Wolf County—the fact that he has to stay with grandparents he's never met before or being stuck on a farm without cell service. If only that was all he had to fear.

Determined to solve the mystery of his father's death, which occurred years before at the claws of a legendary werewolf, Max must hunt to uncover the truth before the full moon rises . . . and the werewolf strikes again.


The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Author J.H. Reynolds

Narrated by James Fouhey

Publication date Mar 10, 2020

Running time 2 hrs 12 min

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