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Short Synopsis
Emily Brightwell presents Book 19 of the Mrs. Jeffries series.

Full Synopsis
She keeps house for Inspector Witherspoon . . . and keeps him on his toes. Everyone's awed by his Scotland Yard successes—but they don't know about his secret weapon. No matter how messy the murder or how dirty the deed, Mrs. Jeffries's polished detection skills are up to the task . . . proving that behind every great man there's a woman—and that a crimesolver's work is never done.

Sir Edmund Leggett is flattered to be stalked by a young lady—who makes herself scarce after he's murdered in cold blood. The police hold the young woman to blame. But Inspector Witherspoon has other ideas and consults his housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries—who always gets to the heart of the matter.

Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter

Author Emily Brightwell

Narrated by Jennifer M. Dixon

Publication date Aug 12, 2019

Running time 8 hrs

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