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Short Synopsis
Amish quilt shop owner Angie Braddock crosses wires with a killer in the latest novel from the nationally bestselling author of Murder, Plainly Read.

Full Synopsis
Spring has arrived in Holmes County, and Angie couldn't be happier. She's got great friends, a thriving business, and is in the perfect relationship with Sheriff James Mitchell. The only thing raining on her parade is her mother drafting her into a massive home renovation project—and using their sudden mother/daughter bonding time to comment on Angie's ticking biological clock.

The house's repairs and upgrades between the Amish craftsmen and their Englisch counterparts are proceeding well until a tremendous shock comes to the workers when the electrician is found dead on site. With the sheriff suspecting foul play, it falls to Angie to root a killer out of the woodwork . . .

Murder, Handcrafted

Author Isabella Alan

Narrated by Cris Dukehart

Publication date Jun 7, 2016

Running time 8 hrs 7 min

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