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Short Synopsis
When Lillian stole from the Duke of Thornwood, little did she know how much he dares to enjoy his revenge.

Full Synopsis
Lillian Phillips could not imagine how her quiet, simple life had come to this. Blackmailed by the Mad Duke of Thornwood into accepting one wild dare after another...all because of a pocket watch. Desperate to recover her beloved father's pawned timepiece, Lily did something reckless and dangerous and delicious—something that led to a night she'd never forget.

When Devon Grey, Duke of Thornwood, runs into a mesmerizing, intoxicating, thieving woman who literally stole from his bedchamber—with his new pocket watch—Devon plots his revenge. If the daring wench likes to play games, he's happy to oblige. After all, what's the ruse of being the Mad Duke if you can't have some fun? But the last laugh might just be on him...

"Michels' fresh and funny debut will delight readers with its endearing characters and infectious mix of sweet yet sexy romance and realistic yet wry wit." ---Booklist Starred Review

"Michels's fast-paced debut is sweet and rarely explicit, and she accurately depicts the difficulties faced by 19th-century aristocratic women." ---Publishers Weekly

"A fun romp." ---Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!
Booklist Review

Must Love Dukes

Author Elizabeth Michels

Narrated by Alison Larkin

Publication date Apr 29, 2014

Running time 10 hrs

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