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Twenty-one vivid, moving essays on caesarean birth.

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Twenty-one vivid, moving essays on caesarean birth.

"No one talks about C-sections as surgery," writes SooJin Pate. "They talk about it as if it's just another way—albeit more convenient way—of giving birth." The twenty-one essays in My Caesarean add back to the conversation the missing voices of a vast, invisible sisterhood.

Robin Schoenthaler reflects: "A C-section for us meant life." And yet, women who don't give birth vaginally—by choice or necessity—often feel stigmatized. "My son's birth was not a test I needed to pass," writes Sara Bates. "As if growing a human inside another human for nine months then caring for it the rest of its life isn't enough," adds Mary Pan, herself a physician.

Alongside their personal stories, the writers—decorated novelists, poets, and essayists—address the history of the C-section as well as its risks, social inequities, impact on the body, and psychological aftermath. My Caesarean is a heartfelt meditation, offering much-needed comfort through shared experience.

My Caesarean

Twenty-One Mothers on the C-Section Experience and After

Narrated by Cassandra Campbell, Janina Edwards

Publication date May 1, 2019

Running time 7 hrs 19 min

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