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Short Synopsis
Physician Elisa Medhus relates her incredible journey from grief and skepticism to healing and belief in this must-listen book.

Full Synopsis
Dr. Elisa Medhus never believed in life after death. As an accomplished physi­cian, she placed her faith in science. All of that changed after her son Erik took his own life and then reached out from the other side.

Intimate, heartbreaking, and illuminating, this book takes listeners on an incredible journey from grief and skepticism to healing and belief. Based on Medhus's wildly popular blog, Channeling Erik, My Son and the Afterlife provides answers to the most universal questions of being human.At once tragic and uplifting, Erik speaks from the other side with candor, wisdom, and depth as he describes his own experiences and provides new answers about the nature of souls, death, and the afterlife—answers that have the potential to change our lives forever.

"Dr. Elisa Medhus offers a heartfelt, deeply moving story that invites [listeners] to question their own beliefs of love, loss, and the afterlife." ---Eben Alexander, MD, author of the Proof of Heaven

"Elisa's journey has been amazing and she is well-qualified to share her knowledge with both the medical community and the grief community." ---Terri Daniel, founder/director of the Afterlife Education Foundation

"My Son and the Afterlife contains the clearest, most informative answers to questions about what happens after a person passes into the afterlife that I have read in one book." ---R. Craig Hogan, PhD, author of Your Eternal Self

My Son and the Afterlife

Conversations from the Other Side

Author Elisa Medhus, MD

Narrated by Hillary Huber

Publication date Oct 10, 2013

Running time 9 hrs

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