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Short Synopsis
Nineteen original stories—including a new contribution by New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly—about riveting showdowns between cops and criminals.

Full Synopsis
From Hawaii at the turn of the twentieth century to the post–Civil War frontier, from smoggy Los Angeles to the woods of Idaho, these gripping stories trace the perils and occasional triumphs of lawmen and women who put themselves in harm's way to face down the bad guys. Some of them even walk the edge of becoming bad guys themselves.

In T. Jefferson Parker's "Skinhead Central," an ex-cop and his wife find unexpected menace in the idyllic setting they have chosen for their retirement. In Alafair Burke's "Winning," a female officer who is attacked in the line of duty must protect her own husband from his worst impulses. In Edward D. Hoch's "Friday Night Luck," a wanna-be cop blows his chance at a spot on the force—and breaks his case. In Michael Connelly's "Father's Day," Harry Bosch faces one of his most emotionally trying cases, investigating a young boy's death.

The magnificent and never-before-published Connelly story alone is worth the price of admission and—combined with eighteen unexpected tales from crime's modern masters—makes this an unmissable collection.

"A high-quality anthology.... This is one of those rare themed anthologies that can be enjoyed at one sitting." ---Publishers Weekly

Mystery Writers of America Presents The Blue Religion

New Stories about Cops, Criminals, and the Chase

Author Michael Connelly

Narrated by Alan Sklar, Karen White, John Lee

Publication date Jun 2, 2008

Running time 12 hrs

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