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Short Synopsis
In a steamy new series from Anie Michaels comes the story of Ella, who is on a journey of self-discovery after her last relationship ended badly, and sexy Porter, who finds Ella irresistible. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, the protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds that her attraction to Porter is potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future together, Ella struggles to open her heart to trust again.

Porter Masters takes care of his own: his single mother, his company, and now he's compelled to protect the beauty that walked into his world. Never one for relationships in his past, Porter discovers that he was waiting all along for Ella. As their time together comes to an end, will Porter fight for the woman who stole his heart, despite the obstacles?

Contains mature themes.

Never Close Enough

Author Anie Michaels

Narrated by Romy Nordlinger

Publication date Aug 19, 2014

Running time 9 hrs

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