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Short Synopsis
In the third installment of Anie Michaels's Never series, Ella Sinclair dreams of the day she can call Porter Masters her husband. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Ella Sinclair wants nothing more than to give Porter Masters a family, and he wants nothing more than to marry his love.

They have overcome many deep and dark obstacles and are finally ready to enjoy their happily ever after. The dream they share of marriage and a family hangs in the balance as they encounter one more obstacle from their past that could ruin everything they have. With more on the line than ever before, Porter will stop at nothing to protect Ella—at all costs. The past year fighting for their love can't even compare to the fight they have ahead of them.

With their future happiness at risk, one thing remains true: they are never giving up.

Contains mature themes.

Never Giving Up

Author Anie Michaels

Narrated by Aletha George, Nelson Hobbs

Publication date Apr 14, 2015

Running time 8 hrs 28 min

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