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Short Synopsis
John Glatt tells the true story of the murder of Michelle Nyce by her husband, Dr. Jonathan Nyce.

Full Synopsis
In a quiet community of million dollar homes and shiny SUVs, the Nyce family projected the very image of success. Dr. Jonathan Nyce, an asthma sufferer, had achieved medical breakthroughs that made him rich—and offered hope to countless people. Michelle's beauty made her an object of desire. And adultery was her husband's worst nightmare.

Police found Michelle's Land Cruiser floating in a frigid creak near the family home. When forensic investigators examined Michelle's horribly battered body, they knew she had not died in the car. Or by accident.

Soon, the truth began to emerge. Of a brilliant man whose beautiful wife had a lover she could not stay away from. Of a family—including three innocent children—pushed to the breaking point. And of one brutal moment, when a man finally ended his torment by horrifically murdering the woman he loved . . .

Never Leave Me

An Obsessive Husband, An Unfaithful Wife, A Brutal Murder

Author John Glatt

Narrated by Shaun Grindell

Publication date Mar 15, 2022

Running time 10 hrs

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