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Short Synopsis
Professional consultants Russ C. Edelman, Timothy R. Hiltabiddle, and Charles C. Manz teach you how to succeed in business without being an SOB—or a pushover.

Full Synopsis
Many people suffer from Nice Guy Syndrome—they're held back from higher levels of success by being too selfless at work. It's a tricky problem, because if you start to think that being nice is bad, it's easy to overcompensate with selfishness, intimidation, and intense aggression.

The founders of Nice Guy Strategies teach that nice is not about being weak or soft—that you can hang on to your morals, compassion, and sincerity and still get ahead. The key is to draw on eight practical strategies—the Nice Guy Bill of Rights—that will help you find the right balance.

Each chapter in Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office shares insights and stories from both ordinary nice guys and celebrity executives.

"This well-organized and psychologically astute book excels in its presentation of a simple and encouraging message: that 'nice' doesn't have to mean 'weak' and that nice guys can make it to the top." ---Publishers Weekly

"Finally, a book that teaches nice guys how to be strong, decisive, and get things done much more efficiently and successfully than tyrannical managers." ---George Nadaff, founder and former CEO, Boston Chicken

Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office

Eight Strategies for Winning in Business Without Being a Jerk

Author Charles C. Manz, Timothy R. Hiltabiddle, Russ C. Edelman

Narrated by Patrick Lawlor

Publication date Sep 15, 2008

Running time 8 hrs

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