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Short Synopsis
Elizabeth Hartwell presents Book 2 in the Gods of War Chronicles. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
What do you do when everything you have been raised to believe is ripped away? When your entire life's been shown to be a lie? For Cerena Lightmoon, she fights.

But now the odds against her are longer than ever. Entrusted with a desperate mission to prevent Hell on Earth, all she can depend on is her training, her skills, her swords, and her men.

With her companions and lovers Tym, Lance, and Brandon, she takes on the world. Whether it's vampires, werewolves, or something darker, none have stood before her flashing twin swords and defeated her. This time though, she's facing odds that are longer than ever.

The war has come. The only question left is who lives, and who dies . . . and who faces a fate worse than death.

Contains mature themes.


Author Elizabeth Hartwell

Narrated by Heather Costa, Tor Thom

Publication date Dec 24, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 3 min

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