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Short Synopsis
A must-listen romance novel from the author of Primal Touch. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Abducted from a land of wealth and privilege, Dae is chained to a slaver's caravan crossing the vast Jaharri desert. It is a strange world of blistering sun, rolling dunes, and wind-carved plains, ruled by the Scion Zafirah Al'Intisar, a powerful and mysterious woman with seductive eyes of sapphire blue.

When Zafirah liberates the caravan the rescue Dae prayed for is not as it seems; Zafirah's carnal appetite is legendary. Dae is taken into Zafirah's harem, a decadent world of excess and sexual freedom. At first, Dae struggles with desires she has never before experienced, but as love and lust collide these two women slowly forge a bond as one learns to listen to her heart, and the other to the call of her awakening body.

Contains mature themes.

"Anastasia Watley brings this story to life with her expressive voice and excellent pacing. Her portrayals of the different characters are distinct and consistent, making it easy for listeners to follow the plot and become invested in the characters' journey." —AudioFile
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Nights of Silk and Sapphire

Author Amber Jacobs

Narrated by Anastasia Watley

Publication date Aug 16, 2022

Running time 13 hrs 23 min

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