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Short Synopsis
No Ordinary Joes tells the harrowing true story of four young sailors from the USS Grenadier who were captured and tortured by the Japanese during World War II, the bond that sustained them, and their struggles to resume their lives.

Full Synopsis
Their names were Bob Palmer, Gordy Cox, Tim McCoy, and Chuck Vervalin, and in 1941, when they joined the navy, they were not trying to prove their patriotism—they were just looking for a job that would provide "three hots and a cot."

But on April 22, 1943, the war took a terrible turn for them. While on patrol deep in enemy waters, their submarine, the USS Grenadier, was torpedoed and sent crashing to the ocean floor. Listed as lost in action and given up for dead, all four had in fact miraculously escaped the ship, only to be captured by the Japanese. The four men spent the next two and a half years as POWs, enduring barbaric torture and starvation, unable to communicate with their wives and families. When they were freed, they were forced to find a new kind of resilience as they struggled to resume their lives in a world that seemed to have forgotten them. In Bob's case, it would be more than thirty years before he was reunited with the love of his life—the wife who had left him for a well-bred naval officer after he came back from the war.

By turns panoramic and intimate, No Ordinary Joes shows us, through the lives of four "ordinary" men who endured extraordinary circumstances, the tragedy of war and its aftermath, and the restorative power of love.

"Colton poignantly illustrates their bond, their resilience, and their struggle to resume everyday living once freed, while Audie Award nominee Robert Fass creditably evokes all their complicated emotions." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"This meticulously researched and thoroughly well-written book adds much to the literature of the WWII generation." ---Booklist

"Robert Fass's narration has a personal touch that reflects Colton's personal link to the story." ---AudioFile

No Ordinary Joes

The Extraordinary True Story of Four Submariners in War and Love and Life

Author Larry Colton

Narrated by Robert Fass

Publication date Oct 5, 2010

Running time 14 hrs

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