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Short Synopsis
Harper Bliss presents the sixth novel in the Pink Bean series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Annie McLean's struggling book shop has been saved by joining forces with the Pink Bean. Her wife, lesbian romance author Jane Quinn, finds her quiet life and steady routine challenged by the introduction of the Pink Bean and its many colorful characters. Both her mind and body seem to be struggling with the new situation.

While Jane figures out how to navigate and adjust to the many changes affecting her, Annie has developed more than a keen interest in Pink Bean owner Kristin.

What happens when a long and enduring relationship is put to the test? Can Annie and Jane rescue their marriage and in the process find themselves, and each other, again?

Contains mature themes.

"I’m a big fan of Angela Dawe’s narration, so I wasn’t surprised to enjoy her performance for this book. She differentiates characters well, brings fun energy to the fun parts and makes the hard feelings in the difficult parts palpable." ---The Lesbian Review

No Other Love

Author Harper Bliss

Narrated by Angela Dawe

Publication date Jan 30, 2018

Running time 6 hrs

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