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Short Synopsis
Two unforgettable women try to figure out the rules for their own lives and future in this romance novel from Tracey Richardson. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
With wounded soldiers all around her, Major Logan Sharp doesn't have time to pamper some photographer from stateside. What spare energy she does have goes to worrying what she'll do when she ships home from Afghanistan. Home—for Logan, the word means nothing. But photographer Jillian Knight is not what she expects, and certainly not what she needs complicating her last tour.

Leaving her partner and daughter at home, Jillian Knight is on assignment in Kandahar to record the heroic work of medical units in war zones. She knows it'll be rough, but Logan Sharp's dedication and competence is reassuring. Jillian finds herself looking forward to her encounters with the intriguing military doctor, understanding that a by-the-rules demeanor is a must for surviving in a land where life is cheap.

Intense feelings threaten to overwhelm their good sense, but they follow the rules. After a single heart-stopping kiss, they do the only thing they must—say goodbye. Keeping in touch is not part of the plan, but when their paths cross unexpectedly more than a year later, abiding by the rules is suddenly much harder than they ever expected.

Contains mature themes.

No Rules of Engagement

Author Tracey Richardson

Narrated by Joana Garcia

Publication date Jul 19, 2022

Running time 10 hrs

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