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Short Synopsis
In Katie MacAlister's latest novel, regardless of the ton's disapproval, one woman will go to any length to win her husband's heart. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A poor widow, Lady Charlotte Collins returns to England eager to take her place in the ton, only to find herself shunned by all. Her one choice is to marry a groom with wealth, a title, and good looks, but Alasdair McGregor cruelly refuses to be the answer to her problems.

In fact, she is forced by Dare's obstinacy to take extreme action: the faulty codpiece that leads to their marriage, the wedding that is literally a circus. But nothing can stand between Charlotte and what she wants most: the love of her husband.

"Katie MacAlister produces another wonderful Regency romp. This book is funny and fast-paced-with surprising twists to the story." ---RT Book Reviews

Noble Destiny

Author Katie MacAlister

Narrated by Alison Larkin

Publication date Dec 16, 2013

Running time 11 hrs 12 min

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