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Short Synopsis
Drew Hayes presents Book 5 in the Spells, Swords, & Stealth series.

Full Synopsis
For generations, nobles have gathered at a scenic estate once per year to compete. What transpires there is spoken of only in rumors, save for the prizes. Potent, powerful, and precious; the winners are said to receive a gift from magic itself.

Reeling after their loss to Kalzidar, the adventurers from Maplebark can only press forward, following advice imparted by the gods. Their divine directions will lead them on a series of twisting paths, branching between old friends and new challenges, before ultimately pointing at a particular estate on a specific evening.

Thrust from the familiar comfort of the wilds, the party will have to navigate the perils of noble society while keeping themselves in the competition. Between scheming nobles, a hidden high priest, dangerous challenges, and too many familiar faces, just making it out alive will be a challenge. But surviving alone won't be enough; not with a vengeful god scheming in the shadows, and a stolen soul waiting for rescue.

If the party wants their chance to strike back, they'll have to find a way to emerge victorious.

Noble Roots

Author Drew Hayes

Narrated by Roger Wayne

Publication date Aug 2, 2022

Running time 24 hrs

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