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Short Synopsis
M. N. Forgy presents Book 4 in the Kings of Carnage MC series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Being the enforcer of the Kings Of Carnage MC it's my job to watch over the women and protect them from dirt bags that strut into Centerfolds.

Aspen worked the pole like every other stripper that night. She wasn't trying to get my attention, she just wanted what was in my wallet . . . cash.

The more she was unfazed by me, the more I wanted to be someone she wouldn't dare forget. I get off on a challenge.

I had plans to make it rain dollars on her C-cups with an arrogant smirk on my face all while she worked. That was before I realized she brought her little girl to work that night.

Now having my full attention, I find Aspen in depths of trouble only my brotherhood can help her and her daughter escape.

I'll be her prick, and she'll be the pain in the ass I never wanted. I didn't need her to fix me, I just wanted her to sit with me in the dark and accept that neither of us was meant to be normal. But can she?

Contains mature themes.


Kings of Carnage MC

Author M. N. Forgy

Narrated by Anastasia Watley, Chris Chambers

Publication date Jul 12, 2022

Running time 4 hrs 1 min

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