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Short Synopsis
This true crime story from retired private investigator David Wilson follows the trial of William Edward Hickman—the self-confessed murderer who was the first defendant to use the insanity plea as a defense to homicide.

Full Synopsis
Twelve-year-old Marion Parker was kidnapped from her Los Angeles school by an unknown assailant on December 15, 1927. Her body was found days later, delivered to her father by the killer, who fled with the ransom money. When William Hickman was hunted down and charged with the killing, he admitted to all of it, in terrifying detail, but that was only the start . . .

His insanity plea was the first of its kind in the history of California, and the nature of the crime led to a media frenzy unlike any the country had seen up to that point. Hickman's lawyers argued that their client lived in a fantasy world, inspired by movies, unable to tell right from wrong. The movie industry scrambled to protect its exploding popularity (and profits) from ruinous publicity. Outside of the courtroom, a country grew starved for every awful detail, and the media was only too happy to feed that hunger.

David Wilson, a private investigator for over thirty years, captures the maelstrom of Marion Parker's death in vivid detail. From the crime itself to the manhunt that followed, from the unprecedented trial to its aftermath, Wilson draws the listener in to the birth of the celebrity criminal.

"In an in-depth look at a shocking crime and landmark case, David Wilson lays bare a time in our early mass media history when society is often presented as being safer and more peaceful, showing that the “peace” of that time had more to do with our inability to know our neighbors and their lives behind closed doors." ---Anthony Flacco, New York Times bestselling author

Not Just Evil

Murder, Hollywood, and California’s First Insanity Plea

Author David Wilson

Narrated by Joe Barrett

Publication date Dec 6, 2016

Running time 6 hrs

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