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Short Synopsis
A man and a woman born into radically different stations in Victorian society try to challenge the rigid caste system but are torn apart and left to dream of reconciliation in separate spheres of loneliness and shame.

Full Synopsis
Lorna Barnett is tired of playing the role of "good girl" that her mother has always lived, and that high society prizes. It isn't until she meets Jens Harken that she realizes she yearns to be cherished for herself. Although Jens is a servant, his strength and intelligence put all the society men she's met to shame.

Jens knows their love is forbidden, but he can't keep away from the spirited, headstrong girl who's stolen his heart. His boat-building skills are his one way to break into society, and when he designs his first boat for Lorna's father, it seems that perhaps they can make a life together.

Then their love bears fruit that cannot be ignored—one that makes their love evident to the world, and threatens to keep them apart forever. Unless Lorna can find a way to make a stand for the man she loves, and defy the society in which she lives.

November of the Heart

Author LaVyrle Spencer

Narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith

Publication date Mar 16, 2021

Running time 15 hrs

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