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Short Synopsis
In the latest installment of the Feral Warriors series, an FBI agent with a rare gift teams up with a Bengal tiger shifter to track down a deadly killer. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Every time she closes her eyes, Delaney Randall suffers another nightmare. A brutal serial killer has found his way inside the tough, take-no-prisoners FBI agent's head. Now she lives the murders through his eyes, from his deadly approach to his victims' screams—until the night he breaks into her apartment and she fears she's going to be the next to die.

But the man who snatches Delaney from her home isn't the murderer. He's Tighe, a dangerous Feral Warrior who needs her and her visions to stop the rampages of a creature as inhuman as he is evil. Tighe has little use for humans, but as he and Delaney join forces to track the dark fiend, he falls for the intense beauty and becomes wild with an obsession as untamed as his heart.

"Obsession Untamed is a thrilling paranormal novel that is sure to strike a cord with paranormal [fans]." ---Night Owl Romance Reviews

"This installment has intriguingly passionate characters and the continuing storyline has enough intrigue and action to keep me from putting the book down. An awesome series!" ---Fresh Fiction

Obsession Untamed

Author Pamela Palmer

Narrated by Rob Shapiro

Publication date Jun 11, 2014

Running time 10 hrs

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