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Short Synopsis
Elle Madison and Robin D. Mahle present Book 2 in the Twisted Pages series.

Full Synopsis
Zaina thought she could run from her secrets, but they have finally caught up to her. She's willing to risk her life for those she loves, but even that might not be enough to stop what's coming.

Einar has finally let down his guard, but when the woman he trusts takes off in the middle of the night with his people's only hope for a cure, he realizes what a mistake that was.

They have been living under the shadow of the same monster for longer than either of them realize. But it's up to them to decide whether that makes them enemies or allies.

You've heard it asked, who could ever learn to love a beast? But this time, the question is, could a beast ever learn to love?

Of Beasts and Vengeance

Author Elle Madison, Robin D. Mahle

Narrated by Grant Cartwright, Shiromi Arserio

Publication date Mar 8, 2022

Running time 8 hrs

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