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Short Synopsis
Author Sharon Maas takes listeners on an unforgettable journey in Of Marriagable Age, a story of personal triumph against a brutal and unforgiving world set against the Independence struggles of two British colonies.

Full Synopsis
A spellbinding story of forbidden love. Three continents, three decades, three very disparate lives:

Savitri, intuitive and charismatic, grows up among the servants of a pre-war English household in Madras. But the traditional customs of her Brahmin family clash against English upper-class prejudice, threatening her love for the privileged son of the house.

Nataraj, raised as the son of an idealistic doctor in rural South India, finds life in London heady, with girls and grass easily available . . . until he is summoned back home to face raw reality.

Saroj, her fire hidden by outward reserve, comes of age in Guyana, South America. When her strict, orthodox Hindu father goes one step too far, she finally rebels against him and even against her gentle, apparently docile Ma.

But Ma harbors a deep secret, one that binds these three disparate lives and hurtles them toward a truth that could destroy their world.

"A vast canvas of memorable characters across a kaleidoscope of cultures . . . Her epic story feels like an authentic reflection of a world full of sadness, joy and surprise." ---The Observer

"[T]his well-crafted story, told with deliberation, makes most of its dramatic twists and turns." ---AudioFile

Of Marriageable Age

Author Sharon Maas

Narrated by Anne Flosnik

Publication date Jan 20, 2015

Running time 19 hrs

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