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Short Synopsis
Michelle Huneven—author of Blame—returns with her signature mix of fine-grained storytelling, unforgettable characters, and moral complexity.

Full Synopsis
The year is 1981, Reagan is in the White House, and the country is stalled in a recession. Cressida Hartley, a gifted Ph.D. student in economics, moves into her parents' shabby A-frame cabin in the Sierras to write her dissertation.

Cress, increasingly resistant to her topic (art in the marketplace), allows herself to be drawn into the social life of the small mountain community. The exuberant local lodge owner, Jakey Yates, with his big personality and great animal magnetism, is the first to blur Cress' focus. The builder Rick Garsh gives her a job driving up and down the mountain for supplies. And then there are the two Morrow brothers, skilled carpenters, who are witty, intriguing, and married.

As Cress tells her best friend back home in Pasadena, being a single woman on the mountain amounts to a form of public service. Falling prey to her own perilous reasoning, she soon finds herself in dark new territory, subject to forces beyond her control from both within and without.

"Sensitive, reflective and uncomfortably true to life, with a wonderfully rich cast of supporting characters." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"Cress makes for an eerily relatable and heartbreaking protagonist." ---Publishers Weekly

"Amy Rubinate's voice is warm and youthful, a good match for Cressida, whom she portrays with sympathy and skill." ---AudioFile

"Huneven's characters are sympathetic, exasperating, quirky, and very human." ---Library Journal Audio Review
Kirkus Review

Off Course

Author Michelle Huneven

Narrated by Amy Rubinate

Publication date Apr 16, 2014

Running time 9 hrs 5 min

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