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Short Synopsis
Eric Ugland presents Book 10 in the Bad Guys series.

Full Synopsis
Clyde Hatchett, Glaton's prodigal son, is finally home.

Sure, he's got a whole new body and face, so nobody recognizes him. And technically he's not from Glaton—he's really only spent a few months there. But they say home is wherever your love resides, and since Nadya lives in Glaton . . . wait, does Clyde actually love Nadya?

This is getting complicated.

That, on top of all the problems Clyde left behind, which haven't gotten any less knotty while he was gone. The Senate is heating up, with numerous noble idiots vying for the throne. More gangs and more monsters than ever threaten the streets. And it seems everyone in Old Town wants to look to Clyde for direction, and Clyde isn't sure what to do about any of it.

On a Throne of Lies is political intrigue, grotesque battles, spell slinging, and a bit of smoochy smoochy to go along with all the stabby stabby. Add to that a cameo from everyone's favorite overpowered tank-warrior, and you know you won't want to miss it.

On a Throne of Lies

Author Eric Ugland

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Dec 26, 2023

Running time 10 hrs

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