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Short Synopsis
A must-listen romance from USA Today bestselling author Jade West. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A filthy proposition. Too much money to say no. One dirty night in a stranger's bed.

While my husband watches.

It should've been a dream. A new life on the coast, running a beautiful country hotel with my husband. It should have been everything I'd ever wanted. Worth every scrap of investment. A hotel business we'd sunken every single penny we owned into, only to find out there was a big chain rival opening just a stone's throw away.

Slowly, day by day, the dream became a nightmare. Bills. So many bills. Sleepless nights, tossing and turning. No way out in sight.

Until there was him. The man at the bar. The man with a proposition we should never have considered in a thousand years . . .

Me. Him. One long night where I'm subject to his every fantasy. While my husband watches.

Contains mature themes.

One Too Many

Author Jade West

Narrated by Ashford MacNab, Dan Calley

Publication date May 31, 2022

Running time 12 hrs 9 min

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