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Short Synopsis
Duncan Harding presents Book 2 in the Destroyer series.

Full Synopsis
Another thrilling novel of the war at sea from the author of Tug of War and Flotilla Attack.

Already two German battleships, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, had slipped through the English Channel under the bows of the British Fleet. Now, the Third Reich's largest and most deadly warship, the Tirpitz, had only one possible destination on Europe's Atlantic coast: the formidable dry dock of St Nazaire.

HMS Rose, aged and jinxed destroyer, was detailed to join the daring mission to destroy the entire dry dock of St Nazaire. She found herself not, as planned, backing up Operation Chariot as a troop ship, but fighting alone in the icy, fogbound seas—shot to hell and 300 miles between her and home . . .

Operation Chariot

Author Duncan Harding

Narrated by Alex Wyndham

Publication date Mar 15, 2022

Running time 4 hrs 27 min

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