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Short Synopsis
M Guida and Michael Anderle present Book 2 in the Paranormal Mercenary Corps series.

Full Synopsis
Chelby has escaped Sector Nine's detention center and avoided execution, but her troubles are only just beginning . . .

Her sleep is disturbed by terrifying nightmares of Fae assassins shooting down a blue dragon. As the dragon turns to stone and shatters, Chelby wakes up to a blazing inferno in her room. She lost control—again—and there are consequences.

Too many lives are at stake and Chelby is too dangerous to stay in the dormitory. Dr. Gould has no choice but to move her to the therapeutic center until she can master her fire abilities. Banished from her friends and taken out of training, Chelby sees the center as a pretty version of jail.

Will she be stuck there indefinitely, or will the continuing revelations about her origins change everything for her?

Sector Nine is using the Edinburgh orphanage Chelby lived at while she was a kid as a front to develop super soldiers to hunt down supernaturals.

The orphanage is the key to her past, but the only way she can go with her team is to prove to Dr. Gould that she can control her powers.

Can Chelby break through the fear holding her back from getting the answers she needs? Or will her family connections get to her first?

Operation: Cupid

Author M Guida, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Ellie Gossage

Publication date Jun 13, 2023

Running time 6 hrs 12 min

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