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Short Synopsis
Pulitzer Prize finalist John Shiffman presents the rare and intimate narrative of a daring national security sting designed to protect U.S. soldiers, sailors, and pilots from the greatest danger they face on the battlefield—an enemy equipped with American-made weapons and technology.

Full Synopsis
In Operation Shakespeare, investigative journalist John Shiffman traces a high-risk undercover operation launched by an elite undercover Homeland Security unit created to stop the Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Pakistanis, and North Koreans from acquiring sophisticated American-made electronics capable of guiding missiles, jamming radar, and triggering countless weapons—from wireless IEDs to nuclear bombs. The U.S. agents must outwit not only enemy brokers but also American manufacturers and global bankers who are too willing to put profit over national security.

The three-year sting climaxes when the U.S. agents lure the Iranian broker to a former Soviet republic with the promise of American-made radar, fighter-jet, and missile components, then secretly drag him back to the United States, where he is held in secret for two years. The laptop the Iranian carries into the sting provides the CIA with a virtual road map to Tehran's clandestine effort to obtain U.S. military technology.

"Exciting and eye-opening . . . a character-driven symphony of moving parts, with fascinating personalities." ---Publisher's Weekly

"A well-organized, troubling expose." ---Kirkus

"[T]he narration of David Drummond is simply masterly, especially his accents." ---Library Journal Starred Review

"Shiffman gives listeners a lot of background information on the way stings and illegal activities work, and narrator David Drummond clearly delivers the details." ---AudioFile
Library Journal Audio Review

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Operation Shakespeare

The True Story of an Elite International Sting

Author John Shiffman

Narrated by David Drummond

Publication date Jul 15, 2014

Running time 9 hrs 5 min

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