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Short Synopsis
T. L. Christianson presents Book 2 in the Dragon Born Academy series.

Full Synopsis
A taboo romance. A destiny revealed. Secrets uncovered.

I've finally accepted my place at the Dragonborn Academy, but my search into my mother's shadowed past is still on.

As I begin to piece together her life and the circumstances of her suspicious death, I can't help but wonder if history is repeating itself . . . the similarities between us make me wonder if I'll be the next victim?

At least my friends, Olivia and Logan, have my back. They have stepped in to help me dig into my mom's past. But tensions fly as rumors of my friendship with Logan find their way back to Ashe, my partially bonded mate, who's serving in the Dragonborn Militia.

As if my non-existent love life weren't enough to handle, I now have a mysterious Prime who's popped up claiming to be my father. When he tells me things about my mother that contradict my grandmother, I find myself torn between them. One is lying and only the man who raised me can set the story straight. Will George step up and make things right or will I be forced to face this all on my own?

I’m solving this Dragonborn puzzle one piece at a time. I just hope that the truth won't tear me apart when I do.

Over Easy

Author T.L. Christianson

Narrated by Patricia Santomasso, Kirby Heyborne

Publication date May 31, 2021

Running time 9 hrs

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