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Short Synopsis
Matthew Peed presents Book 2 in the Dungeon Annihilation series.

Full Synopsis
With Regan's dungeon easily repelling the necromancer attack, the new challenge is just finding enough time to deal with the issues. He still has prisoners to interrogate after all! Either way, Regan is determined to cause as much chaos as he can, and with him creating plenty of toys and taking some from others, he is very much capable of annoying more than a few people.

Louella, on the other hand, finds her hands full with the tournament for Marquis Valamar. More than adventurers want to take part causing more than a few issues. She might be able to deal with it if her mind was suddenly being occupied by thoughts of Earle all the time. What is in store for her valley and the dungeon?


Author Matthew Peed

Narrated by Tristan Morris

Publication date Jul 27, 2021

Running time 9 hrs

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