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Short Synopsis
Logan Ryles presents Book 1 in the Reed Montgomery series.

Full Synopsis
Reed Montgomery would give anything to stop killing.

A series of bad choices have led him into a life as an indentured assassin, where his bosses call the shots and he takes them—or else. Only the promise of eventual emancipation keeps him going, but in the criminal underworld, nothing is cheap.

With one last kill standing between himself and freedom, Reed becomes involved with Banks, a young singer in the city. There's only one thing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose . . . a man with everything to lose.

Reed Montgomery is the criminal underworld's best killer. They pick the target. He picks the method. Then the job gets done—always.

Until he meets Banks, a beautiful singer from a local bar, and the goddaughter of his next target. Suddenly, nothing is simple. Completing the kill will cost him everything with her, but Reed's bosses aren't interested in love, and they don't tolerate failure.

The ultimatum is simple: Execute the target, or you become the target. Reed is thinking of a third option. An option where they wish they'd never been born. They should have let him walk while they had the chance.


Author Logan Ryles

Narrated by Gary Bennett

Publication date Apr 19, 2022

Running time 6 hrs

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