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Short Synopsis
A profound, eloquent meditation on the history of writing, from Mesopotamia to multimedia.

Full Synopsis
Why does writing exist? What does it mean to those who write? Born from the interplay of natural and cultural history, the seemingly magical act of writing has continually expanded our consciousness. Portrayed in mythology as either a gift from heroes or a curse from the gods, it has been used as both an instrument of power and a channel of the divine; a means of social bonding and of individual self-definition. Now, as the revolution once wrought by the printed word gives way to the digital age, many fear that the art of writing and the nuanced thinking nurtured by writing are under threat. But writing itself, despite striving for permanence, is always in the midst of growth and transfiguration.

Celebrating the impulse to record, invent, and make one's mark, Matthew Battles reenchants the written word for all those susceptible to the power and beauty of writing in all of its forms.

"Battles powerfully demonstrates that, though all forms of writing are imperfect, they have played a vital role in the cultures which have developed them." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Thoroughly researched and thought provoking." ---Library Journal

"A fascinating exploration stylishly and gracefully told." ---Kirkus Starred Review

Publishers Weekly Review

Kirkus Review


A History of the Written Word

Author Matthew Battles

Narrated by Matthew Battles

Publication date Aug 18, 2015

Running time 7 hrs

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