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Short Synopsis
Peter Darman presents the third book in the Parthian Chronicles series.

Full Synopsis
Parthian Vengeance is the third installment in the Parthian Chronicles, the adventures of King Pacorus of Dura, and follows on from Parthian Dawn.

The brooding peace that hangs over Parthia is shattered by a murder that triggers the final confrontation that will decide who rules the empire. Pacorus leads his veteran army east to destroy once and for all the forces of his implacable enemies, Mithridates and Narses. But his foes have been waiting for this moment and what Pacorus believes will be a short campaign will turn into a long war that will culminate in the bloodiest battle in the history of the Parthian Empire.

Once again Pacorus gathers his faithful companions around him for the life-or-death struggle with the treacherous Mithridates and the ambitious Narses—Domitus, the ex-Roman centurion and now general of Dura's army; Gallia, his fierce warrior queen; Orodes, the landless prince; Prince Malik of the Agraci; and Surena, destined to become one of the greatest Parthian commanders of all time.

Parthian Vengeance

Author Peter Darman

Narrated by Michael Page

Publication date Aug 28, 2018

Running time 23 hrs 12 min

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