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Short Synopsis
Zanna Mackenzie presents the fourth book in her Amber Reed Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. The only thing worse than battling to solve the murder of three soap stars is being forced to work with your ex to crack the case!

One soap star death is a tragedy, but three all in the same week, that's a case for the CCIA—otherwise known as the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency.

Amber Reed, the agency's newest support officer, is sleuthing again! This time she's sent to Vancouver, Canada's answer to Hollywood, where soap opera North Shores is filmed. She needs to track down who is targeting and killing the show's stars—and fast.

Alongside her, making up the rest of the CCIA team for this high profile case, are man-eater and troublemaker Martha, agency bad boy Dan and Amber's kind-of-ex-boyfriend, special agent Charlie.

Can they catch the killer before another star is murdered? Will Charlie and Amber kiss and make up or is it over between them, this time for good? Will sworn enemies Charlie and Dan manage to resist gunning for each other?

The team need to find a way to set aside their differences and focus on the investigation because this time there's not just one murder case to solve but three!

Past Perfect

Author Zanna Mackenzie

Narrated by Pearl Hewitt

Publication date Jul 18, 2018

Running time 6 hrs

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