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Short Synopsis
Camille Peters presents Book 1 in the Kingdom Chronicles series.

Full Synopsis
Eileen has never been interested in love. Ever since her father's abandonment, she's vowed to never experience such pain again. But the enchanted forest has different ideas. When the continuously shifting pathways lead her to a mysterious stranger, Eileen finds her promise to fiercely guard her heart increasingly difficult to keep.

One night when she becomes lost in a storm, the enchanted forest's pathways lead her to the castle, home to the kingdom's Dark Prince, where Eileen finds herself entangled in what many consider an opportunity but which Eileen believes to be a curse: competing for the Dark Prince's hand through a series of tests that judge one's royal worth. Eileen is neither royal nor interested in becoming a princess. But the mysterious stranger she met in the woods has his own reasons for helping her succeed, although the cost of his assistance may be too high: that of Eileen's heart, the one thing she's vowed never to give.

"Narrator Shiromi Arserio's entrancing lyrical voice portrays Eileen as she competes for the Dark Prince's hand and a shot at royal life—even though she's never believed in romance." ---AudioFile


Author Camille Peters

Narrated by Shiromi Arserio

Publication date Feb 11, 2020

Running time 10 hrs

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